Clip-it is a small clip, made from recycled bottle caps, which is used to join other plastic bottle caps together.
Clip-it has been developed into a useful teaching tool: with these clips, elementary school children have fun clipping recycled bottle caps together to form words when learning to read and count, etc.

Anak hopes to propose this new teaching tool to various schools in Bali that welcome Anak-sponsored children, both to help them in their learning and creativity and to bring children together. Creative activities using these clips and bottle caps will also be introduced to children at our extra-curricular activity centres in Buddhi Cita and Lila Cita.

A contest may also be organised among various schools. Each school will use the caps to produce a fresco portraying a local or cultural subject. The winning school will receive a prize related to the environment or education, etc.

This project has three goals: teaching, creativity and the environment.

For this project, we need 40,000 clips and the children will be asked to collect the bottle caps themselves.

Global cost of the project : 1 500 euros
Financial needs still remaining : 1 500 euros