Twice a year Anak checks the health of all the children supported by our association.
It also organises campaigns that teach about hygiene and takes care of the financial costs of emergency care and even hospitalisation, when required.
Moreover, Anak ensures children’s health needs and provides each child with donated personal-care items (toothbrush, toothpaste and soap).

Global cost : 1500 euros
Financial needs still remaining : 1500 euros


Anak is looking for funding to buy first aid kits for its three centres, Lila Cita, Buddhi Cita and Dharma Cita. These kits would enable staff at these centres to treat the small cuts and scrapes of children whose parents don’t have the means to buy first aid material themselves.

In a humid and hot country such as Indonesia, the immediate disinfecting and caring for such wounds prevents them from getting worse and from becoming infected.

Anak would also like to purchase six fire extinguishers so as to have one on each floor of these centres.

Global cost : 1200 euros
Financial needs still remaining : 1200 euros