In the year 2000, the chance encounter between the French businesswoman, Christine Grosso, and a young and impoverished fisherman on a beach in the Eastern region of Bali, gave Ms Grosso insight into the terrible inequalities and extreme poverty affecting a large part of the Balinese population.

On this island, blessed by the gods, education is not universal right.  One might imagine that education here would be inexpensive.  The inherent costs however (compulsory uniforms, school stationery, enrolment fees…) are out of reach of many families whose sole income is limited to the daily fishing catch or other precarious work.

This encounter was a catalyst for Ms Grosso to change direction in her professional career and instead embark on a humanitarian adventure to help the Balinese children.

Along with Christian Rattoray and with the help of European and Balinese friends, she founded the association, Anak, which was officially launched in France in 2003.  Anak is comprised of four centers : three in Europe – France, Spain and Switzerland as well as one in Bali.