Creation of a student home DHARMA CITA 2

Following the example of the Dharma Cita 1 Centre, created in Singaraja in 2013, which provides food and lodging as well as daily support for some thirty students until they graduate, Anak plans to create a second centre in 2018/2019. This project, known as Dharma Cita 2, and catering solely to young women, will respond to the growing number of female students supported by Anak. This number increases every year and, as a consequence, the welcoming capacity of Dharma Cita 1 is not enough.

Female students who currently live too far away from the universities will be lodged and fed there and, in this way, will be able to study calmly during the week. An Anak coordinator permanently stationed at this centre will take care of the successful operation of the centre and will supervise the students.

Global cost of the project : 243.390 €uros
Donations received and planned : 181.249 €uros
Financial needs still remaining : 62.141 €uros

Follow the progress of the work in photos