My name is Kadek Sukrawan, but they call me Désu. I am the second in a disadvantaged family of 2 children. When I was young, I helped my parents in the small business where my mother worked, in the hope that my dream to attend primary school would come true. I became involved with ANAK when I was 11. Being supported by the association has brought me a lot of positive changes and activities, for example the opportunity to take courses in computer science, English and other activities. I thought I could go to college only, but thanks to the association I went to license 1 in tourism. I feel very lucky and happy to be supported by the ANAK, and a special thanks to my godmother who has generously set aside money to help me continue my training until I graduate. It helped me a lot and lightened the financial burden for my family.  I was not a gifted student at school but I was able to attend classes just as well as other students who seemed to be smarter because my motto that is: «success does not belong to those who are smart and intelligent. Success belongs to those who have dreams and struggle to reach them».

I am now 25 years old and I work in the company, Bestari Jaya, as a coordination advisor where my role is to coordinate and supervise the work of the team. My current job does not really correspond to my training, but it’s not a problem for me because I believe that the success of our work, no matter the job, depends on ourselves. Thanks to my work, I have gained experience. Before I could see strangers only from afar, now I can chat easily with them. I have friends from outside of Indonesia. I would like to express my gratitude to the ANAK association and its team. I hope that in the future, the association will help even more disadvantaged children because there are so many children who wish for the opportunity to study.


Initially, there was a collection of donations made by the Anak Association for potential students in the village of Pakisan, which I was lucky to benefit from. I was very happy to have it. At the time I was 11 and my family could not finance my needs and my studies. In addition to rice and monthly pocket money, my family received extra help to improve our economic situation in the form of pigs to raise. When I started college, I continued to receive the scholarship and, on a regular basis, pocket money, equipment and school uniforms. When I was a college student, the association then developed by building a center in the village and we then had various activities aimed at giving additional skills to the fellows: English classes, dance, computer, reading in library etc… This scholarship allowed me to continue my studies in higher education, vocational high school. I chose to go to vocational school 2 in Singaraja studying in the fashion department. Until the end of my studies, I was provided with a room, meals and pocket money. The association also organized additional training for my fellow students and me. After graduating from high school, the association financed my sewing classes for 4 months and also allowed me to equip myself with a sewing workshop to practice my skills within the association. After finishing classes, I was hired at one of the tailors in Singaraja.

I am now financially independent and can help my family. All this was possible thanks to the support of Anak. I am very grateful to them for having financed my studies and fulfilling my needs during my education.


Neither Kadek Srimaryani, born in 1997, is from the village of Panji Anom. The association has been helping Srimariani since 2004, when she was in the first year of primary school at SD Negeri 2 Panji Anom. She is still a student at the university of economics in the accounting section of Singaraja.

She lives in ANAK’s home in Singaraja.I Gede Suardana was born in 1998. He has been sponsored since his 4th year of primary school in 2008. He is from Pakisan village. Since July 2017, he lives in Jimbaran to continue his studies at Politeknik Bali University, in the section “Management of International Affairs”. He is currently in 2nd year.

Neither Kadek Karismawati was born in 1999, she is from the village of Galungan. The association has been helping Karisma since 2008, when she was in 4th grade at SD Negeri 2 Galungan. She continues her studies at Politeknik Negeri Bali in the hotel section. She rents a studio-room near her campus with another child from ANAK.

I Kadek Suliantara was born in 1993, he comes from the village of Kelandis Pakisan. The association has been helping Suliantara since 2007 as a child scholar while he was in primary school. In 2017, he completed his studies at Politeknik Negeri University in Jimbaran in the “Accounting” section. He is now working in a company as an accountant.


Hi … my name is Dewi.

I was born into a poor family. When I was little, my grandmother cared for me with support from my uncle and aunt. I spent my childhood working hard and finding work from neighbors in order to earn pocket money. It was then that I discovered ANAK and they were able to help me.

At that time, I was in primary school. My life changed thanks to ANAK as I was able to benefit from their financial assistance for my studies right up until university. ANAK also organized classes for children: computer, dance, English. It still continues to help me even now, in my active life.

I was very happy to have been sponsored because it lightened the financial load from my family. I met with my godparents. They are French and were very kind to me. They cried with emotion when they learned that I had completed my studies. I was very touched because they always took good care of me.

Today, I am an adult. I’m 26 years old and am now working in an American tourism company. I am a Guest Relations Manager at the hotel restaurant.

With this type of work, I got to meet many people of different nationalities and some have even become my friends. I liked this job because it connects the hotel with its customers to ensure that they will one day return. I left on 6th October 2017 to work in Dubai on a 2 year contract with the Marriott Hotel.

I cannot thank ANAK enough for all that they have done for me. I hope Anak can help many more children, just as they did for me!

Surani Dewi


Today Redika is 24 years old and works 20 hours a day at a restaurant in Panji Anom, his home village. In this restaurant, he ensures the maintenance of the pool, the night watchman, the room service, the cashier… as well as being a driver for the customers if necessary. This young man full of energy and resources is the youngest of the family. He entered Anak when he was in the fourth year of primary school because his parents (daily laborers) could not send him to school. Motivated and supported by his godmother Helena, he stayed at school until the end of high school.

He studied Multimedia: a choice just like any other in to obtain a diploma, he says.  After a 3 month internship as a graphic designer, he was hired and worked for 18 months in the same company. Then he decided to work for a wholesaler to discover this field and stayed in that company for a year. The following year, after 5 months of intensive work search, he got a job as a Mini Market salesman, which he says is “good for gaining experience, but there is no possibility of professional evolution”. That’s why he left this job after 18 months to work in a gas & electricity company, where he was responsible for customer care. When he takes stock of his career, Redika explains “we only have one life and should gain the most experience possible in order to be available whenever the opportunity presents itself in the workforce”.

Today he is the only one of his brothers and sisters to have a salaried job, and not a day laborer, which allowed him to help his father a few years ago, when he fell off his ladder. “My brothers are married and have responsibilities, and they all work as masons, like my father, it’s normal that I contribute the most. This worker explains that “the most important thing is not the size of my salary. If my boss is happy, that’s the main thing.

Redika’s dream is to acquire even more experiences in various fields and then with a small capital he has put aside, he would like, in a few years, to have his own business as a wholesaler store or retailer. When we ask him what advice he would give the Adek (little brothers and sisters of Anak) he answers: “Learn as much as you can, this is the most important thing. Then look for a job that suits you. Do not look for pay, because if you only work for the money, you get tired quickly. To have a good job, you have to start at the bottom and then go up to the level you set. I would like my children to go as far as possible in their studies so that they can get a job that makes them independent and happy. ”


Neither Kadek Ariani was born in 1998, she is from the village of Galungan. The association has been helping Ariani since 2008, when she was in grade 3 of primary school at SD Negeri 1 Galungan. She lived with her grandmother since she was a child and since July 2014 she has been living at ANAK boarding school in Singaraja with other sponsored high school students.

I Komang Budiana was born on January 29, 2002. He is sponsored by since his first year of primary school. As a child, he lived with his grandparents because his father disappeared. For 6 months, he has been living at the ANAK home in Singaraja with the other sponsored children. He goes to the professional high school in “motorcycle mechanics” section.

Ni Komang Putri Dian Indriani was born in 1999, she comes from the village of Pakisan. The association has been helping Putri since 2005, when she was in grade 1 at SD Negeri 3 Pakisan in Tegehe. She continues her studies at Politeknik Negeri Bali in the hotel section. She rents a studio-room near her campus with another child from ANAK.

I Made Suardika was born in 1997, she is from the village of Lean Amed. The association has been helping Suardika since 2009, when she was in primary school. In 2016, he joined the University in the “Tourism Business Management” section at Politeknik Negeri University in Jimbaran. He rents a studio-room in Jimbaran with another child from ANAK.


Luh Putu Ariasih became a godchild in 2011 when she was in grade 4. She is from the village of Galungan. At the moment, she is living at ANAK’s boarding school, Dharma Cita in Singaraja in order to continue her studies at the SMK Negeri 2 Singaraja vocational high school in the hospitality sector. She completed her internship at a 5-star hotel in Kuta, South Bali.

I Komang Hendriawan became a godchild in 2009 when he was in grade 3. He spent three years at ANAK’s Dharma Cita boarding school in Singaraja and studied at the SMK Negeri 3 Singaraja vocational school in the construction sector. He finished his studies in June 2019 and now works in the south of Bali in construction.

Ni Luh Sri Murtiasih became a godchild in 2006 when she was in grade 4. She took nursing at the high school level and then
studied in the nursing department at Singaraja University for five years. She finished her studies in September 2019.
I Made Sujana Yasa became a godchild in 2008 when he was in grade 4. He lived at ANAK’s Dharma Cita boarding school in
Singaraja for three years in order to study at the high school. He is now continuing his studies at the university in Denpasar in
the nursing department. He is in his 2nd year and has three years of studies to go.